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Chesapeake Bay Retriever

There is no doubt whatsoever about the origin of this breed. All the books ever written about the Chesapeake Bay Retriever are agreed on a tale about two puppies being rescued from a wrecked ship off the coast on the eastern seaboard of Maryland. They were reputed, some two centuries ago, to have been Newfoundland in type, were discovered to love water and so were crossed with local retriever types, probably including the Curly Coat. The result was the ultimate in natural waterproof dog.

Basically a duck-dog, he is at his very best in water, the colder the better; the oiliness and thickness of his coat is so efficient that a thorough shake restores him to a slightly

moist feel in no time at all. Undoubted courage, inexhaustible energy, strength of muscle, and affection tinged with independence all go to produce a dog for the energetic family. This is not a breed for the lazy. He eats in quantities sufficient for a dog of his size and ?workrate?, which means he likes his food. Grooming is simple and elementary; a stiff brush and a chamois-leather will cover all his requirements.

More information on the breed can be found on the Kennel Club website
The Isle of Wight Gundog Club is registered with the Kennel Club: ID 422
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