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Pointers are one of the oldest breeds of sporting dogs and can be seen in paintings dating back from about 1500. It is thought that pointing and setting dogs originated in Europe, but when the actual smooth haired, pointing dog, similar to what we know today was first seen, is hard to tell. However, it was probably about 1700, and pointing dogs may have been brought back from Spain. By about 1800 the name 'Pointer' was applied to the breed.

The pointer today is a marvellous worker, show dog and companion. He is known as the aristocrat of the gundog world. He is anxious to please and makes a good family dog, but needs much exercise, as he has been bred to work on large open spaces and he must gallop freely every day. A pointer needs time for this and to be trained to come when called and to walk and behave sensibly on a lead. Put the time in, and he will give you years of satisfaction, with his gentle loving nature.

The pointer is a symmetrical, 'well built' dog who should be able to gallop and stop suddenly if he scents game. The dog's sound construction should enable him to do this. He comes in 4 colours: liver and white, lemon and white, black and white and orange and white.

A clean dog, of even temperament, he is capable of fitting into a family circle but is clearly most at home on the moors, where he in his true element. To be good, the Pointer needs super scenting powers, speed over the ground and steadiness on point, a quality that was vital in the days of the slow-loading flintlock weapons, when having found game, the Pointer had to hold it until the hunter and his gun could catch up.

More information on the breed can be found on the Kennel Club website
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