AV Retriever Open 12 Dog Stake

Held at Newbarn Farm and Ashengrove Farm, Calbourne, Isle of Wight.

A lovely breezy day, if somewhat chilly, but the birds flew well and a huge thank you to the keeper Steve Dorman for some lovely drives. The team of guns was arranged by Terry Souter and many thanks to all who shot for us today.

Also many thanks to our judges Colin Pelham, Alan Buckland, Robert Worrall and Gilly Nickols for making the most of the drives and the retrieves.

Many congratulations to the winner and those placed.

1st Heather Bradley, Chanceland Pitch of Heathergaye
2nd Mell Brooks, Tayfordwood Rosebank of Annington Bay
3rd Jacqui Crew, Echobrook Dexster
4th Reuben Corbett, Oakvalley Black Shot

As ever the stalwart helpers for the club turned out and provided the much needed support of stewarding and marking, and on the first drive the markers had a fair bit of work to do!

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