Novice and Open Working Tests 20th April 2014, Hamstead

1st: June Bearman - Loisaba Rhearn
2nd: James Walsh - Wilmingham Hazel
3rd: Angie Townsend - Troddenmills Houghton Blue
4th: Jane Best - Thornsted Tawny Owl

1st: Di Paterson - Woodlandway Grouse
2nd: Rob Smallman - Tuscanni Viking
3rd: Dave England - Lubbecke Queen of Hearts of Abney
4th: June Bearman - Ino Nothing

Despite the appalling wet weather the day went well, with 5 tests in all in both Novice and Open. Congratulations to the winners and a huge thanks to the judges Ken Green, Keith Broomfield and John Boyle. Particular thanks to all the team, helpers and dummy throwers who went above and beyond to spend all day in the rain in the open throwing and placing dummies and making sure that the tests ran smoothly.

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