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Open & Novice Working Test 24th February 2019 Held at Newnham Farm, Binstead

Sunday 24th February 2019

Working Test Winners
1st Porbunts Pergines - J Brett
2nd Ticefield Thunder - N Sheppard
3rd Tullysedge Incas Gold - S Jordon
4th Twistmount Purdey - C Walton
Com Kensteen Kansas Star - R Stacey

1st Abney Affinity - B Rayner
2nd Tullysedge My Belle Nell - S Jordon
3rd Woodlandway Quail - B Rayner
4th Fendawood Jacob - K Phillips
Commended Lamazing Bella of Riverlily - A Reid

IW Gundog Club Cup James Brett

Thorneycroft Tankard Beth Rayner

Highest Placed Puppy in Novice James Brett

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Open & Novice Working Test 16th September 2018 Held at Sibbecks Farm

Sunday 16th September 2018

Working Test Winners
1st Autumn Willow Tag - Mr Ken Green
2nd Castleman Cook - Mrs Susan Hedge
3rd Lenyman Just in time - Mrs Jane Manley
4th Tayfordwood Bella Colora - Mrs Sue Chapman
CoM Fenwood Jacob - Mr Kevin Phillips

1st Briwed Magic at Leospring - Mr Chris Rose
2nd Pridingpoint Jock of Shadowbrae - Mrs Hilary Clarke
3rd Kenquince time of Twister - Ms Wendy Brown
4th Dark Blackthorn Lilly - Mrs Jenny Phillips
CoM Henergy Moon Dust - Mrs Hilary Clarke

Highest Place ND/NH
Top Noch Ken - Mr Kieran Green

Keepers Choice
Ettinsmoor Juggler - Miss Helen Ryall

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Novice and Open GWTs

Sunday 25th February 2018

Novice and Open GWTs were held on Sunday 25th February at Afton Manor, Freshwater. This was a new ground for the club, courtesy of Mr & Mrs Jennings and provided some interesting twists with open ground, cover, ditches and jumps.

Thanks go to the judges: Ken Green; Mell Brooks, Sarah Miles, Sue Searle and Judith Curtis who braved the cold weather for us; and to all the helpers who threw and places dummies, stewarded groups, baked cakes and food and provided much needed hot drinks throughout the day.

There were five tests which were made challenging by some interesting technical twists and wind conditions.

1st Abney Affinity, Beth Rayner
2nd Millerise Jemima, Janice Miller
3rd Top Noch Ken, Kieran Green
4th Kenquince Time for Twister, Wendy Brown
COM Fendawood Jacob, Kevin Phillips

1st Lubbecke Simone, Gillian Yates
2nd Endacott Spiceberry, Paula Graystone
3rd Woodlandway Quail, Beth Rayner
4th Mitforten O'Lordie Lordy, Gay Marshall

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AV Retriever 16 Dog Novice Stake

Monday 27th November 2017

The club held its Novice Stake on 27th November 2017 at Newbarn Farm Calbourne, courtesy of Mrs Ball and the keeper Mr S Dorman.

The judges were Tony Casserley, Len Herbert, Di Stevens and Tony Sweatman and huge thanks to them for judging for us today. We are also very thankful to Bob Cooper and his team of guns who shot the day for us.

The day started somewhat damp and the first drive saw all the dogs in line in what was a heavy drive. The rain cleared later in the morning and we finished in the dry.

1st Joanna Voke - Priesthill Diamond Harry (Lab D)
2nd Karen Handley - Sunstar Gadwell at Peterspond (Lab, D)
3rd Jane Manley - Lenyam Justintime (Lab D)
4th Mike Fleming - Mitforten Nutmeg (Lab D)

Guns Choice Charlotte Wilkinson - Belfriars Brooke of Dalerwa (Lab B)

As ever the club would like to thank all those who were stewarding, marking and helping out today and our congratulations to all those in the awards.

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AV Retriever 12 Dog Open Stake

Monday 30th October 2017

Award Winners
The Club held its one day Open Stake at Newbarn Farm, Calbourne, Isle of Wight, courtesy of Mr C Spence and the keeper and his team. Our judges were Steve Ashby, Tim Shipp, Judith Evans and Mell Brooks.

It as a chilly start to the day, but bright and the autumn sun shone for the whole day, providing much needed warmth. There was no shortage of game thanks to the keeper and his team. The club thanks the team of guns that shot the trial for us today, they shot well and there were plenty of birds on the ground to finish the trial after two drives.

Four dogs were lost in the first round, which provided deceptively challenging scenting conditions for the dogs, with game tucked into the grass. All eight remaining dogs made it through the second round before we moved off to the second drive.

For the third round all eight dogs sat during the drive and had two retrieves, with two being dropped before the third round which saw the final six dogs stretched over distance. One dog went out and the remaining 5 battled for placings. The final five dogs were very closely placed.

The awards were as follows:

1st Lendown Gorse of Wadeshot , Roger Wade ; lab; D; 4389DA; 07/05/2014; Breeder: Mr & Mrs Flood; Levenghyl Cyber Star of Higgscroft x FtCh. Brockweir Barley;

2nd Brocklebank Zinc , Paul Dukes ; lab; D; AQ1697204; 20/03/2013; Breeder: J Halstead;
FtCh. Asterix Aguzannis of Chatsworth x Jaywells Berry of Houghton;

3rd Weststall Shadow of Hawkerline , Matthew Gould ; lab; D; AQ01922201; 14/05/2013;
Breeder: S Henderson; FtCh. Eastdale Harry x Greenbriar Knockandu.

4th Lubbecke Calypso , Lindy Higham ; lab; B; 4766CW; 31/07/2009; Breeder: G Yates; FtCh. Maverick's Goose x Swinbrook Jewel;

COM FtCh. Lamlodge Matador , Keith Broomfield ; lab; D; 2706CX; 26/05/2010; Breeder: J Lamb; Northvale Fig x Jagdens Clover of Lamlodge;

Guns Choice Levenghyl Okie Dokie , Peter Bates ; lab; B; 3405DA; 17/04/2013; Breeder: Owner; FtCh. Copperbirch Paddy of Leadburn; FtCh. Levenghyl Gemstone;

The club owe a debt of thanks to all those who made the day a success, all the helpers and cake makers. As FT Sec I would personally like to thank everyone for a lovely day, it was a good card and we saw some really good dogs working today. We hope that you all have a safe journey home.

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AV Retriever Puppy & Novice Working Tests

Sunday 17th September 2017

Award Winners
The last tests of our 2017 season were held at Moor Farm, Godshill on 17 September. It was a chilly start to the day, with the sun finally emerging by the afternoon. Four tests were set for the dogs and judged by Isobel Whitford, Coral Meakes, Wendy Neville and Marilyn Squires.

We are grateful to the landowner Mr D Harvey for use of the land which provided some interesting ground for the dogs.

1st Abney Anthem - Terry Souter (and highest placed IW Puppy)
2nd Drakeshead Clint - John Boyle
3rd Albertasno Hurrican Reef - Helen Sanderson
4th Oakvalley Blackbird - Sheila Rapley

Revised results have been issued and are as follows:

1st Janfran Makarova - Jane Trowell
2nd Kentradecim Maggie May - Camilla Heyes
3rd Henergy Moon Dust - Hilary Clarke
COM Laverton Meadow Cowslip - Sarah Lowman
COM Kirby Star - Louise Cunningham
highest placed IW Novice Jenny Phillips

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Novice & Open GWTs Feb 2017

Sunday 26th February 2017

Novice and Open Winner - Ken Green
IWGDC first tests of the season were held on 26th February 2017 at Newbarn Farm, Calbourne courtesy of the landowner Mr C Spence. The day promised to be dry with some sunshine, but that was not to be with a couple of periods of drizzle that just managed to make the day damp, with a slight breeze that helped the dogs with scenting.

Test 1 was a blind up the valley side in front of the dogs, with a mark distraction with shot off to the left, with differing distances for novice and open dogs.

Test 2 was a blind past a distracting bolting rabbit, which provided a challenge for the competitors. For novice dogs this was a single retrieve, but for the open on returning to the handler there was then a second blind off to the right.

Test 3 was a double for both novice and open dogs, up the valley side, with both having two blinds in areas of gorse. The novice had the benefit of shot, but not the open dogs.

Test 4 was a double mark across scrub area with the dummy on the right to be retrieved first.

Our grateful thanks go to our judges for the day, Sue Hutton, Chris Hutton, Peter Castleman and Paul Dukes and the many helpers, stewards etc who turned out an helped on the day.


1st Autumn Willow Briar - Ken Green (Thorneycroft Tankard)
2nd Tawnyhill Nature - Tom Brown
3rd Elmertown Special One - Keith Townsend
4th Ranwolf Arvak - Terry Souter (Highest placed IW Novice)

1st Autumn Willow Tag - Ken Green (IWGDC Trophy)
2nd Tayfordwoods Bella - Sue Chapman
3rd Thornsted Tawny Owl - Jane Best
4th Mitforton Nutmeg - Mike Fleming

Huge congratulations to Ken Green in particular for completing the double and collecting all the silverware on the day!

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AV Novice 16 Dog Stake

Monday 12th December 2016

Winner - Nick Coates, Leaworthy Samuel of Gospelash
12th December 2016 Newbarn Farm, Calbourne, IW.

Many thanks to our judges for the day, Helena Sully, Mell Brooks, Chris Marshall and Mark Polley, especially Mark for standing in at the last minute.

Bob Cooper and his team of guns shot well for the trial and the keeper put some lovely birds over the guns in the drives.

Two birds in the first round on open ground after a busy drive, one in the second on open ground, with 7 dogs going through to the third round which was a duck drive with one retrieve each.

The fourth round drive started quietly, lulling the 6 remaining dogs into a false sense of security, and finished on a great flurry of birds, pheasant, duck, partridge and teal, with a retrieve each into the woods. 5 dogs went through to the final round which was a further retrieve into the woods.

Many thanks to all of the competitors for travelling across to the Island again, and despite the damp day we hope that you all enjoyed yourselves. Huge thanks as always to the team of helpers, stewards and markers.

1st Leaworthy Samuel of Gospelash - Nick Coates
2nd Mitforten Nutmeg - Mike Fleming
3rd and guns choice - Flintsfield Forever Friend, Mandy Smith

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AV Retriever Open 12 Dog Stake

Monday 7th November 2016

Held at Newbarn Farm and Ashengrove Farm, Calbourne, Isle of Wight.

A lovely breezy day, if somewhat chilly, but the birds flew well and a huge thank you to the keeper Steve Dorman for some lovely drives. The team of guns was arranged by Terry Souter and many thanks to all who shot for us today.

Also many thanks to our judges Colin Pelham, Alan Buckland, Robert Worrall and Gilly Nickols for making the most of the drives and the retrieves.

Many congratulations to the winner and those placed.

1st Heather Bradley, Chanceland Pitch of Heathergaye
2nd Mell Brooks, Tayfordwood Rosebank of Annington Bay
3rd Jacqui Crew, Echobrook Dexster
4th Reuben Corbett, Oakvalley Black Shot

As ever the stalwart helpers for the club turned out and provided the much needed support of stewarding and marking, and on the first drive the markers had a fair bit of work to do!

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September Puppy/Novice Tests

Sunday 18th September 2016

Award Winners
IWGDC Puppy and Novice tests were held today at Rowlands Farm, courtesy of Mr A Aylett. A lovely day, which started misty, but the sun was shining and it was hot by the time the dogs were finishing just after lunchtime. Thank you to all who took part and to our judges Tracy Flood, Mandy Smith, Luke Smith, Keith Manley and Jane Manley and to all the helpers, test setters and stewards who made the day flow so well.


1st Angie Townsend - Kinegar Dolly of Elmertown
2nd Nick Coates - Gospelash High Time
3rd Laurinco Tiger Lily of Downfarm - Moira Robertson
4th Janfran Makanova - Jane Trowell


1st Anne-Louise Willans - Millershook Chance
2nd Willowcreek Wren - Carole Montague
3rd Autumn Willow Briar - Ken Green
COM Twistmount Purdey - Christine Walton
COM Laverton Meadow Cowslip - Sarah Lowman

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Novice and Open GWTs 15 May 2016

Sunday 15th May 2016

Award Winners
The Novice and Open working tests were held at Moor Farm, Godshill, IW. After a cloudy and somewhat chilly start to the day, the sun finally emerged to bath the merry band of competitors that took part in the tests in warmth and sunshine.

This was new ground for the club, and was a lovely venue for the 5 tests that. Test 1 was a blind out across the reeds, with a shot for the novice, as well as a slightly shorter distance. This open test proved a challenge for the open dogs, with the wind and the reeds proving more of a barrier than looked likely at first glance.

Test 2 was a mark and memory across a field for the novice and through reeds for the open.

Test 3 was a double blind for both the novice and open, with shot for the novice, in a nice sheltered field and ran through well.

Test 4 was the walk-up. 3 dogs ran in the novice at a shorter distance than the open, that ran in pairs. The open was approx. 180 yds, and again proved testing. The longer grass proved difficult for scenting for both novice and open dogs.

Test 5 was a rabbit distraction with an unseen at different distances up a short track for both the novice and open.

Thank you to our lovely group of judges of Kieran Smith, Keith Broomfield, Robert Worrall, Sue Searle and Lindy Higham, for their very fair judging, and for coming over to the Island to judge for us. Well done to all in the awards.

1st Fenway Damson, Lesley Collins
2nd Ranwolf Andvari, Derek Widgery (highest placed IW Novice)
3rd Opataz Lancelot, Sheila Rapley
COM Ranwolf Arvak, Terry Souter and Sugarsnap Susie, Lucy Collis

1st Winston via Rhylstone, Tony Sweatman (highest placed IW Open)

There were no other awards for the open test.

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Novice and Open GWTS 21 Feb 2016

Sunday 21st February 2016

Winners and Judges
Isle of Wight Gundog Club Novice and Open GWTS, Newnham Farm,Binsetad, IW by kind permission of Mr J Cleaver. Lovely ground, with undulating grassland, woodland and cover crop to use. The weather was kinder to us this year, and many thanks to our judges Liz Barnes; John Barnes; Lindsey Warren and Terry Souter.

1st Fryernshot Nimrod of Copsehollow, Pru Perkins
2nd Leadburn Vanessa, James Walsh (also highest placed puppy in novice and highest placed IW competitor in Novice)
3rd Skye of Ebony, Judith Curtis
COM: Autumn Willow Briar, Ken Green; Mitforton Nutmeg, Mike Fleming

Full novice results can be downloaded here

1st Lubbecke Royal Saphire, Gillian Yates
2nd Tayfordwoods Bella Colora Sue Chapman
3rd Lubbecke Simone Gillian Yates
COM: Tuscanni Viking and Helnorall Magnum Rob Smallman

Full open results can be downloaded here

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AV Retriever Novice Stakes

Monday 21st December 2015

Isle of Wight Novice stake at Ashengrove. Fabulous ground and some lovely high birds on the first drive with some good cover for the dogs to work in on the second drive. We finished before the worse of the weather hit. Thanks to our judges Tony Casserly, Len Herbert, Diana Stevens, and Reuben Corbett for their support in judging for the club. The Team of guns headed by Tim Lester shot well for the trial and the club are grateful to them for shooting for the trial.

1st Tayfordwoods Dailuaine, Christine Baldwin (lab)
2nd Autumn Willow Tag, Ken Green, (lab)
3rd Leaworthy Samuel of Gospelash, Nick Coates, (lab)
COM Winston via Rhylstone, Tony Sweatman, (lab)

Guns Choice
Loisaba Rhearn, June Bearman, (lab)

Congratulations to all in the awards and thank you all for continuing to support the club.

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AV Retriever Open Stake

Monday 23rd November 2015

23rd November 2015 at Newbarn, Calbourne, Isle of Wight

A lovely bright and frosty start for new ground for the club. A huge thank you to the keeper and the beaters who produced some fantastic birds over the team of guns that was organised by Tim Lester, who once again provided a team of guns that shot well for the trial. The judges Mr Shipp, Sue Hutton, Dave England and Ken Green had their work cut out to judge dogs that were all performing well and a full set of awards were given. Two busy drives provided enough game on the ground for the trial, with 5 rounds before awards were given.

1st Frank Fitheridge - Hanrebor Blackberry (Lab) and congratulations to Frank for making his dog up today.
2nd Mell Brooks - Tayfordwoods Rosebank of Annington Bay (Lab)
3rd Mike Rollinson - Wheatash Anser (Lab)
4th Julia Smith - Laborie Cirrus (Lab)
COM Jane Tydeman - Roundcopse Finch (Lab)
Guns Choice - Sharon Dingle - Aquacadian's Moses of Bellspaddle (Lab)

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Puppy & Novice GWT Rowlands Farm

Sunday 20th September 2015

Winners of the Puppy and Novice
We finished our GTW season with a sunning venue and lovely weather. A good field of approximately 50 dogs, with some lovely retrieves in 4 good tests. A huge thank you to the judges of Wendy Neville, Di Paterson, Gillian Yates and Paula Pitman and the helpers for the club who turned out en masse (22 in total) to set what we hope everyone found to be a good day. The ground was lovely, grassland and wood, undulating slightly, giving the dogs runs to think about and the ground scented well. In the puppy there was a run off for 2nd-3rd placings and in the Novice a run-off for 1st and 2nd place.

1st Mike Crutchley - Mitforten Neon
2nd James Walsh - Leadburn Vanessa (highest placed IW Puppy)
3rd Sue Jordan - Tullysedge My Belle Nell
4th Sarah Lowman - Laverton Meadow Cowslip

1st Moira Robertson - Cynhinfa Nesta of Downfarm
2nd Jackie Davis - Fordcopse Baillie
3rd Andy Webb - Greenbriar Glenmorangie (highest placed IW Novice)
4th Lianne Bird - Helnorall Colombo of Birdsmill

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Novice and Open GWTs 26th April 2015, Westcourt, Shorwell, IW

Sunday 26th April 2015

1st Winston via Rhylstone - Tony Sweatman
2nd Hurstmeon Wild Bill Hicock at Leospring - Joy Venturi-Rose
3rd Ranwolf Oski - Corinne Anjo
4th Daddy Al - James Walsh

1st Lubbecke Queen of Hearts of Abney - Dave England
2nd Faybourne Oasis - Carol Montague
3rd Lossenham Golden Plover - Mary Hogg

The full results of the novice tests are available to download here

The full results of the open test are available to download here

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Novice and Open GWT 22 Feb 2015 Hill Farm

Sunday 22nd February 2015

1st Gillian Yates Lubbecke Simone
2nd Jane Manley Lenyam Justintime
3rd Hilary Hardman Luvixolbeck Bali's Tula
4th Angie Townsend Troddenmills Houghton Blue

1st Di Paterson, Woodlandway Grouse
2nd Keith Broomfield Lamlodge Matador
3rd Rob Smallman Tuscanni Viking

Highest Placed Puppy
Rob Smallman Helnorall Magnum

Highest Placed IW Dog
Lilly Renouf Dunnose River Among Ranwolf

A very chilly start to the day, which was the best part of the day weather wise as the weather deteriorated into windy, cold and wet. Thank you to the judges for their persistence as the weather deteriorated and a huge amount of thanks go to all the helpers who stood out in the cold and wet all day.

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AV Retriever 16 Dog Novice Trial, Gatcombe Mill, 5th November 2014

Wednesday 5th November 2014

Unfortunately 1st - 4th places were not awarded. Three COM's awarded as follows:

Henergy Rushin to Be - Henrietta Fletcher
Hippolytus Herald - Katherine Impey
Cappa Bleu of Meonvalley - Sarah Miles

Guns Choice
Katherine Impey, Hippolytus Herald

Thank you to the landowner (Mr & Mrs Hobart) and the keeper (James Kingswell) for allowing the use of Gatcombe Mill. Thanks to Tim Lester for providing a team of guns to shoot the trial for us and grateful thanks to our judges, Ron Jefferey, Keith Broonfield, Ron Taylor and Neil Varney.

A lovely dry day, starting chilly but warming up through to lunchtime. The dogs in the awards went through to a 4th round.

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Open AV Retriever Field Trial, 15th October 2014, Gatcombe

Wednesday 15th October 2014

Keith Broomfield - Lamlodge Matador
1st Keith Broomfield - Lamlodge Matador
2nd Reuben Corbett - Oakvalley Black Jack
3rd Di Stevens - Bedgebrook Never Say Never to Wynlanbriar
Guns Choice - Ben Starns - Tayfordwoods Special Envoy

Thank you to Tim Lester and the team of guns for shooting the trial for us and to all the helpers, markers, stewards and beaters for making the day run smoothly.

Many thanks to the judges, Di Harrison, Gilly Nickols, Dave England and Chris Marshall and to the Keepers James Kingswell and Jack Kingswell.

A lovely day in which the rain managed to hold off, and there were some lovely birds flying and shot over the dogs, with some testing drives to sit in. The three placed dogs went through to the 4th round run-off. There was some good dog work and the awards were well deserved. Huge congratulations go to Keith Broomfield, fresh back from his win in the 2-day Suffolk trial to win our open with the same dog and make it up to a field trial champion.

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Puppy/Novice Tests 14 September 2014, Westcourt

Sunday 14th September 2014

1st Stephen Taylor - Lubbecke Jolson
2nd Carole Montague - Willowcreek Wren
3rd Lindy Higham - Makinberry Alzka of Rivermeon
4th Hilary Hardman - Luvixolbeck Bali's Tula

Highest placed Non retriever breed
Jagstjagers Buffy of Watereatons - Lyndsey Thurlow

1st Tullysedge Myboytroy - Sue Jordan
2nd Opataz Lancelot - Sheila Rapley
3rd Lenyam Justintime - Jane Manley
4th Faybourne Oasis - Carole Montague

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IW Residents Challenge, 18th May 2014, Gatcombe Mill

Sunday 18th May 2014

IW Residents Challenge Winners
1st: Ann Harrison - Jess
2nd: Gill Cavaciuti - Fable
3rd: Corinne Anjo - Eric
4th: Carole Montague - Jay
COM: Gill Cavaciuti - Rival

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Novice and Open Working Tests 20th April 2014, Hamstead

Sunday 20th April 2014

1st: June Bearman - Loisaba Rhearn
2nd: James Walsh - Wilmingham Hazel
3rd: Angie Townsend - Troddenmills Houghton Blue
4th: Jane Best - Thornsted Tawny Owl

1st: Di Paterson - Woodlandway Grouse
2nd: Rob Smallman - Tuscanni Viking
3rd: Dave England - Lubbecke Queen of Hearts of Abney
4th: June Bearman - Ino Nothing

Despite the appalling wet weather the day went well, with 5 tests in all in both Novice and Open. Congratulations to the winners and a huge thanks to the judges Ken Green, Keith Broomfield and John Boyle. Particular thanks to all the team, helpers and dummy throwers who went above and beyond to spend all day in the rain in the open throwing and placing dummies and making sure that the tests ran smoothly.

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