2018 Newsletter

At the club's AGM in May we saw several changes to the Executive Committee Carole Montague is now the club's Field Trial Sec with responsibility for organising the trials and working test ably supported by the working committee. Thankfully Carole stepped forward to take this role I am sure she will do an excellent job.

During the past year we have continued to hold so many events for members to participate in. With show and working training, monthly matches, 2 Open shows, 2 days of working tests , a fun day, a competitive training day and 2 field trials. Plus much more

The three committees have arranged all these events and worked hard to ensure the club is on a sound financial footing. Ably supported by a host volunteers who give their time willing and freely. A big thank you to them all and to the landowners, judges, stewards and helpers too numerous to mention individually. Event cannot be run without your support.

The club have done five working demonstrations, showing the stages of training from pups to competition level. A very memorable one at the Highland Gathering which saw us completely soaked to our underwear! At last year's agricultural show, we did a parade of breeds with about 20 different gun dogs in the ring with commentary by Wendy Perea on the attributes of each breed. This year's County show saw us give a working demonstration including hunting and jumping.

The Fun Day last June which was as it says on the tin a Fun Day
of dogs, games and a picnic in the sunshine.

Our September Open Show was held at Newchurch on a lovely sunny day. This was Shirley Stables first as the club's show sec. The entrants and spectators enjoyed the outdoor venue and the refreshments kindly supplied by Belinda's parents. During the day we also ran a Companion Show which proved popular raising over ã130 for Ability Dogs for Young people. A huge thank you to the judges and everyone involved in the whole day.

Both the Open and Novice trials were held at Newbarn thanks to Steve Dorman the keeper and his team a big thank to the guns for their support the judges and all the team for a super day.

December we had a social evening with Christmas Meal at the Blacksmiths Arms. A great evening with great food and company. We hope to repeat the experience this December. Hope to see you there.

A very big programme for a relatively small club we are amazing. Many clubs are struggling to find enough helpers and curtailing many events. On that topic at the recommendation of she show committee and agreed by the Exec the club will only be running one show a year which will be an Open show in September.

There has been success for many of our members throughout the year I would just like to mention Belinda's triumph at Crufts with Goose her Curly Coat achieving BOB and making him a Show Champion very well done to Belinda and Pete

GDPR has also been a regulation for us and all clubs to content with it seems to have many interpretations. Needless to say each member's information held responsibly on the club's database.

Membership News; Application can now be done without the necessity of a proposer and seconder forms can be downloaded from this website.

To finish I would like to thank all the committees for their commitment, support and hard work. Grateful thanks to every single one of you who helped in any way giving your time, expertise, financial contributions and support throughout the past year.

One person who deserves a special thank you as she steps away from club responsibility is Wendy Perera. She has given eighteen years of dedication to the club and has been instrumental in so many aspects of the club's success. Her contribution is outstanding her support and enthusiasm has always been there. The website, Facebook, all the working events which has taken hours and hours of work has lifted the club to another level. Her reputation as an efficient Field Trial Sec is well known. Along the way she has introduced us to her passion for the endangered Irish Water Spaniel. Luckily they are not contagious! We all wish her well with her newest addition Nula.

We have a full schedule of events details will be on this website. Hope to see you soon.

Gill Cavaciuti, Chair

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